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We built our reputation on our dedication to our customers in Rancho Cordova and Gold River. We are committed to delivering the best automotive repair service. We use OEM parts because that means long-lasting solutions to your problem. Our techs have worked on almost every make and model of car or truck and that means there's no "guess work" involved in your repair. We do the job right the FIRST time!

Brake Repair Rancho Cordova
Brake Repairs

Are your brakes soft or "mushy"? Is there a grinding sound when you step on the brake pedal?


AC Service
Air Conditioning Service

When your AC system goes bad, it usually just needs a recharge, but what if it needs more than that?


Engine Tune-ups

Spark plugs, wires and other engine parts wear out or get out of synch. OEM parts and correct settings will fix that.


Truck Exhaust Repair Rancho Cordova
Truck Exhaust Repair

A broken exhaust system can rob your truck of power and increase fuel consumption. We only use quality parts!


Replace Shocks and Struts Rancho Cordova
Replace Shocks and Struts

Does your car or truck ride rough? Does it nosedive on sudden stops or struggle with heavy loads? Call us today!


Stolen Catalytic Converter
Stolen Catalytic Converter?

Catalytic converters are stolen almost daily. If it happens to you, we'll get you back on the road ASAP.


Diesel Injector Repair Rancho Cordova
Diesel Injector Repair

Dirty or clogged diesel injectors can be cleaned or replaced to restore performance!


Silverado Transmission Repair Rancho Cordova
Silverado Transmission Repair

If your Silverado shudders, shakes or suffers from delays shifting, you need to get that fixed ASAP!


Replace Ford Truck Fuel Filter
Replace Ford Truck Fuel Filter

Clean fuel is so important to Ford F250 and F350 trucks that they come equipped with TWO fuel filters!


Replace Radiator Rancho Cordova
Replace or Repair Radiator

A failed radiator can overheat your engine causing severe damage. Replace the radiator, not the motor.


Replace Fuel Injector Rancho Cordova
Fuel Injector Service

Clogged or broken fuel injectors can rob your car's motor of power and reduce fuel mileage.


Suspension Repair
Suspension Repair

Your wheels are your connection to the road and can't do their job if your suspension isn't working right!



Family car, daily commute driver or heavy-duty work truck, you depend on your vehicle and when something goes wrong, it quickly goes from a minor inconvenience to a major problem. Every component in your car or truck serves a specific purpose. When it malfunctions, sooner or later, you'll know something is wrong and needs to be fixed. Where you take it to be repaired makes all the difference in the world.

Some problems are impossible to ignore: brakes that are soft or make a grinding noise, an air conditioning system that blows hot air or an engine that runs rough or lacks power are obvious signs that repairs are in order. Other issues are less obvious, like steering and suspension problems (replace your shocks and struts), a slipping transmission or an electrical short that keeps your radio, taillights or brake lights from working. We even have solutions to help you protect the catalytic converter on your truck or car and will be there if your converter is stolen, and all too frequently we have to Replace Ford F-150 Catalytic Converters. Carfax reports that these trucks are the preferred target of thieves! We can also replace your clogged or broken fuel injectors.

What may seem like a minor annoyance could grow into something that will cost much more to fix than if it had been repaired early-on. When a car comes into our repair shop in Rancho Cordova, we look for the root cause of the problem and check for underlying issues. Finding a problem early and fixing it right could save you big money down the road, like diesel injector repair, Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning, Alternator Replacement or replacing a Ford truck fuel filter.

Our shop performs services across the full spectrum of automotive repair: Dodge Diesel Water Pump, Ford Ranger Transmission, Honda CV Axle, Toyota CV Axle, Dodge Radiators, Chevy Radiators, Ford Radiators, Silverado Transmissions, Ford Ball Joints and Dodge Ball Joints.


Work trucks, especially heavy-duty work trucks, require special expertise. If you own one, you know it's not just an oversize car. The engine, transmission, suspension and brakes are completely different from what one would find on the family car. We know that too, because we work on commercial trucks every day. Work trucks use suspension components, braking systems (including air-brakes), transmissions and engines that are nothing like what is used in ordinary cars and vans. Many owners of Chevy light-duty trucks, have reported problems with Silverados that need transmission repair, we can do that too. We specialize in diesel truck repair in Rancho Cordova. And we also perform truck exhaust repair! They require special tools and in-depth experience to repair them... we've got that!

Some of our customers have very specific needs like Ram truck brake repair, replacing a power steering pump, replacing a truck timing chain or a heater core

Our shop works on almost every make and model of cars, trucks and SUVs, domestic and import. Mercedes, Audi, Nissan, Lexus, VW and many others pass through our doors daily. In the hot summer months in the Sacramento Valley, AC repair is important and we service Dodge Ram Air Conditioning problems often. We do Fleet Maintenance in Rancho Cordova too!

We're Rancho Cordova's premiere auto repair shop because we have the experience and tools for any job from a pre-purchase vehicle inspection to a complete engine rebuild or suspension repair. Our reputation was built on expert repairs, honest pricing and the fact that we stand behind every job we do! Call us today and see for yourself!