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Truck Exhaust Repair Rancho Cordova
Truck Exhaust Repair

A loud muffler or a hanging tailpipe that scrapes the ground is more than just an annoyance! It could indicate serious problems. A faulty exhaust system is a real hazard. Leaking or broken exhaust components can reduce your trucks’s engine performance, increase emissions, and worst of all, let toxic fumes into your truck'a cabin.

At the end of the combustion cycle, the remaining gases are pushed out through the exhaust manifold. From there the gases travel through pipes to the catalytic converter and then to the muffler. Too little pressure, caused by leaks or cracks, puts the engine's system to be out of balance. Too much back pressure, likely the result of a clogged catalytic convertor or muffler is a bad thing too. Either way, it robs your engine of power and increases your fuel consumption and needs repair or replacement.

You depend on your truck, especially if you use it for work! Regular oil changes and tune-ups are important but your exhaust system is an impotant component that never gets regular attention. If your truck's exhaust is damaged, clogged or rusted out it needs to be repaired ASAP. It's not just about excessive noise, reduced power and increased fuel consumption. Truck exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide, an oderless, invisible and potentially lethal gas that can leak into your truck's cabin. If you think there's a problem with your truck, call us to schedule a repair. We'll do a thorough examination and let you know which items can be repaired and which ones need to be replaced.

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