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Get a Shield for Your Catalytic Converter

Thieves are stealing Catalytic Converters almost daily! Don't let this happen to you!

This catalytic converter anti-theft plate and off-road skid offers superior protection for F-150s from 2009-2022. This anti-theft plate shields the catalytic converter AND protects the plastic transmission oil pan, front driveshaft and exhaust components from off-road damage. This plate is not just an effective theft deterrent device for your expensive catalytic converters, it also serves as an off-road skid plate and replaces the factory felt cover that came with your truck.

Also works with the F-150 Fx4 factory skid plates.

Built from 1/4” thick aluminum.

Opening allows access to oil drain plug with door.

Vents permit air to flow past exhaust and catalytic converters.

Angled sides add structural strength.

Oil drain cover for a sleeker look and increased protection. Oil drain door mount can be screwed into place if replacement is needed for stripped threads.

Notice: Oil drain hole is optimized for the 5.0 engine and Ecoboost models. We highly recommend the Fumoto oil drain valve with the longer nipple for ease of oil changes. Changes from models shown may occur as we continue to improve our products. Please expect a one-week lead time before you plate ships. Plates with reinforcing ribs are made to order an may take up to 2 weeks to ship. All plates ship uncoated as bare metal, some cosmetic blemishes may be present on material upon arrival. Displays in pictures have been polished and finished. Will not fit the powerboost trucks, but we have adaptor brackets to allow it to fit.

We have determined that these shields from Talon are one of the best solutions for stopping thieves from stealing your converter.

In December of 2021, News outlets reported that catalytic converter thefts were up a whopping 1,500% over the last 42 months in Sacramento County!

Car dealerships report that the thefts occur almost daily and residential neighborhoods across the County, including Rancho Cordova, are feeling the heat too.

Replacement costs can exceed $2,500 and your parts could take weeks to arrive! You can order your protective shield from Talon, through us, and we will give you a $50 credit if you have it installed in our shop. Call us today and we'll get the process of ordering and installing immediately!