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Replace Alternator Rancho Cordova

If your alternator fails, your battery has to carry the load and that won't last long!

The alternator on your car or truck generates electricity when the engine is running. It charges the battery, powers the spark plugs, lights and accessories. If it fails, or the motor is turned off, the battery has to kick in. Batteries operate on the Direct Current (DC) principle. Batteries don't "make" electricity, they "store" it. Alternators generate "Alternating Current" (AC) which is why the are called "Alternators", and the create the electricity the gets stored in the battery AND power everything else on the vehicle. When the alternatore stops working the only source of electricity becomes the battery and it will run down after a period of time. At that point you aren't going anywhere.

In theory, a failed alternator can be rebuilt and repaired. The downside is that the labor to remove and re-install an alternator is exactly the same whether you are replacing or repairing. The labor to disassemble the alternator, test the components and replace them is an additional cost. Then there is the question of which components need to be replaced; just because a particular part looks good right now doesn't mean it won't go bad in the future. ALL the components were installed at the same time, when the alternator was first built. Since the parts are all the same age, if one fails, the others may not be far behind.

By replacing the unit with a new alternator, you get all-new parts, a much faster turn-around time and most important, a WARRANTY!

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