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Radiator Repair


You're probably better off with a complete replacement, believe it or not!

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Overheating is probably the most common sign that your Dodge Ram radiator needs to be repaired or replaced. If you’re driving along and all of a sudden, your engine begins running much hotter than usual, it’s time for a check-up and possible repair. Overheated engines can cause many problems like warped cylinder heads, blown head gaskets, and even warped manifolds. When the engine overheats to this point, it can cause severe damage if not repaired quickly.

If your Dodge or Ram starts to overheat, there are thigs you can do to limit the damage: Turn on the heat for only a few minutes, turning off the air conditioning and increasing the heat to high may help to pull additional heat away from the engine. Open all the windows. Pull over to a safe area on the side of the road and shut off the car for at least 15 minutes and watch the temperature gauge, as it should move back to a normal range as the engine cools. Finally, check and add coolant. Once your vehicle has cooled down check to see your coolant levels. This is only a short-term fix.

Traditionally, the accepted remedy was to remove the radiator from the car, clean off the copper fins, flush out the brass tubing that carried the coolant, and patch any leaks that were found. Since the 1980s, radiators are made of aluminum and plastic. There is a substantial savings in weight (improving fuel economy) and efficiency of operation. The cost of replacement has also come down to the point where it is a lot cheaper to drop in a new unit rather than attempt to clean and repair a failing radiator.

If your Dodge is overheating or leaking in your driveway give us a call right away. Schedule an appoinment and inspection to confirm that the radiator in the culprit. If so, we'll install a new one and have you back on the road. You'll find that the cost is probably much less than you expected!