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Replace Fuel Injector Rancho Cordova
Replace Fuel Injector Rancho Cordova

A smart investment!

Clogged or broken fuel injectors rob you car's motor of power.

Modern cars and trucks rely on injectors to deliver fuel to each cylinder. As opposed to old-style carburetors, injectors deliver better mpg and performance. It's a big improvement but there is a complication; because of impuities in fuels, injector units can become dirty and clogged. When that happens the cylinders get starved for fuel and can't do their job.

There are many fuel additives that might clean your injectors but they will only remove a certain amount of debris and if they're used too often they can actually damage the fuel injector units. They are not a substitue for replacing the units with new ones. In our shop we use only new, top-quality parts and do the removal and installation with the proper tools.

Replacing the injectors on your car or truck will restore power and improve your gas mileage!

If you are in or near Rancho Cordova, and are experiencing indications that your injectors are clogged, or if it has been 15,000 miles since you had this service done, call us today to schedule an appointment!