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CV Joint Repair


Are your Toyota's CV joints going bad?

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Your Toyota CV axle connects the transmission to the wheel hub and features a CV joint located at each end of the axle shaft. These joints allow movement to allow for the varied angles that the axle faces as part of a front wheel drive system. The CV joint is a type of universal joint, housed in a rubber boot that lets it move in and out and flex in multiple directions - all while the axle is turning. That allows for travel over bumps in the road with the suspension, while at the same time turning with the steering.

What are the signs of a bad CV axle joint? CV joints are lubricated with grease and sealed inside a pair of rubber boots. These boots keep the grease inside while keeping the dirt and grime out. Otherwise, the CV joints would deteriorate rapidly. Eventually the boots can become worn, causing them to crack or tear when some of the grease escapes and dirt enters the joint, causing it to break down. When this happens, your Toyota CV joint develops excessive play in its bearings. A repetitive clicking sound may be heard during acceleration through a curve - such as on a freeway entrance ramp. A clunking sound may be heard when decelerating. In some cases, vibration may be felt when traveling at highway speeds. A visual inspection of the CV axle shaft will usually reveal grease seeping from a crack or tear in one or both of the boots.

If you suspect that your Toyota's cv axle joint may be failiing, schedule an appoinment and inspection in our shop. If that's what's going on, we'll install a new one and have you back on the road. You'll find that the cost is probably much less than you expected!