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Replace Your Ford F-150 Catalytic Converter
Replace Your Ford F-150 Catalytic Converter

Your truck's catalytic converter is just plugged up and no longer works. Or maybe it was stolen, which happens a lot these days. According to Carfax and other reliable sources, the Ford F-150 truck is the most likey target for thieves.

Statista says Ford sold more than 650,000 F-series trucks in 2022. The F-150 accounted for most of those sales. F-150

The F-150 counts a relatively high ground clearance among its many features. That makes it well-suited for off-road use, but it also makes it easy for thieves to crawl underneath to steal the converters.

Cutting the converter free is quick and (with the proper tools) easy. A few minutes of effort will get the thief a nice payday. They often sell the converter for a couple of hundred dollars to middlemen who extract the precious metal inside. The converter contains platinum, which as of 10/15/2023 is worth $887 per ounce. It also contains palladium ($1,196.82) and rhodium ($5,200.00). The thief may get $200 each for the units but replacing them will cost a lot more!

Some newer F-150s have four converters (two in front and two in the rear).

If your catalytic converter has been stolen or even if it's just worn out and plugged up, we will do the job using quality parts at a much better price than a dealership service department. And while we are at it, we can also install anti-theft measures! Call us today to schedule an appointment.