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Replace Dodge Diesel Water Pump Rancho Cordova
Replace Dodge Diesel Water Pump

Is my Dodge diesel water pump going bad?

Not many things are as devastating to a diesel engine’s performance as the sudden failure of the coolant pump. Water pump failure can quickly create many other problems, all of which are expensive to repair. On a Cummins engine, water pump failure could result in anything from sudden engine overheat to an actual explosion of parts off of the front of the engine block, depending on which engine it is and the type of failure.

All water pumps on a diesel engine have a “weep hole” in the water pump housing. Leakage from the weep hole do not always mean that the water pump has failed, but it is usually a good indicator of shaft seal wear and a good way to visually verify that a water pump is functioning. Leaks from the mounting surface can be detected visually (in most cases). These leaks may be more persistent or obvious than weep hole leaks. They suggest that a more imminent failure and a more serious mechanical problem with the pump itself or its seal to the engine.

A loose or worn pulley or bad bearings will result in a grinding or squeaking noise when the engine is running. This is most easily detected when the hood is up and a mechanic or driver is standing in front of or beside the engine. Few diesel engine noises other than the usual rumble and occasional turbo whine will be heard inside the cab, so it's important someone to listen to the engine with the hood open if failure is suspected.

If you experience any one of these symptoms and need to replace the water pump, call our shop and we'll instal an OEM quality replacement heavy duty water pump!